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Pressure leakage pipe repair

3X Engineering is a company offering composite solutions for oil, gas and nuclear structures. In short, all that is pipeline and pipeline networks. It intervenes to stop the leaks of pipes under pressure. To do this, it uses patented products, including STOPKiT, one of the groundbreaking concepts that 3X Engineering offers to seal line leaks. Efficient is an installation that can be laid under high pressure, and in record time.Discover Composite Repair pipeline.
Several companies use STOPKiT for emergency repairs of water, oil and even gas leaks. This equipment makes it possible to stop line leaks from a 10 mm diameter hole with a pressure of 80 bar. As for its application, it can be done onshore, offshore and marine. This versatility reflects the effectiveness of the material. It is suitable for oval pipes, welding areas and elbows. It can be installed with a temperature ranging from -20 ° to +80 ° C.
The advantage of this type of repair is that it does not require a line break. In addition, the installation is done quickly and by one person. The product is lightweight, which avoids exerting additional loads on the structure.

Patented products to quickly stop a leak.

In addition to STOPKiT, 3X Engineering has launched various patented products to stop a leak. This is the REINFORCEKiT® 4D range. Each variant has a different operation:
Pipe reinforcement and composite repair for external corrosion: this solution repairs the external part of pipes, pipelines and other structures. It has been designed taking into account the damage that can be suffered by external equipment. Indeed, they are exposed to more aggressions such as corrosion. More information to stop a leak quickly.
The pipe reinforcement and the composite repair for internal corrosion: here, it is inside the pipe that the material is placed. It allows to repair the pierced pipes. The advantage is that the leak is no longer likely to recur (at least in the same place).

Damaged pipe reinforcement and composite repair for underwater application.
To have 100% reliable results, it is better to use professionals to mount the product. Stopping leaks is no longer a problem for these experts. They also have more experience in leak detection. This is often quite difficult to do especially in the marine environment.

Tips for leak detection

Piping problems are not always obvious to detect. Especially when it is a submerged or underground network. A leak not detected in time may cause more problems than if it had been detected beforehand. Often, we realize that there is a problem only when other damage is seen near the pipe.
Detecting leaks can be quite easy to do in a home. As far as industrial leaks are concerned, that’s another story. To do this, it is essential to make an endoscopic inspection of the pipe. This technique makes it possible to determine not only the extent of the damage, but also their origin. Effective, endoscopic inspection of the piping is suitable for all kinds of leaks.
Each clogging technique depends on the characteristics of the damaged area:
The repair of the pipe by intubation: it consists of inserting a new pipe in the cracked main sewer. This method is mainly used to seal leaks on a pipe in a straight line.
Repairing a trench: In this case, it is essential to open the ground. The pipe must be exposed to repair. Experts may replace the hose if it can not be repaired.
Targeted repair: this type of intervention is faster. Facilitated by the localization system of the dewatering network, this technique is by far the simplest to implement.

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